Explore France

France is quite a large country with about 100 administrative departments spaced out across 13 regions, ranging in diversity from the relatively dreary and chilly Normandie and Bretagne in the north to the warm and sunny Occitanie in the south. Exploring France requires either sticking to one area or having many weeks to explore.


Capital City

67 m






When to Visit France

Summer is honestly the most popular time to visit France. As long as there's not a heat wave, summers in Paris tend to hang around a pleasant 20-25C (68-77F). This is the perfect weather to explore the city. Though South France can get noticeably warmer, it usually doesn't seem to exceed 35C. Being from Texas, anything below that is perfect weather for summertime.

How to Get There

If you’re coming from Europe, there are hundreds of flights arriving at nearly all major cities in France. If you're coming from the United States, however, all flights connect through Paris for as low as $300. From there, you can get a flight connection, or also take a high-speed or intercity train to get anywhere in France. There's basically no need for a car while in France.

Why to Come

France is a large and quite diverse country, right in the center of Western Europe. Though it poses a bit of a challenge to get around if you don't know French, most people are friendly. You can ask just about anyone for directions or help. Just remember to carry a large amount of Euros as many stores in and outside of Paris only accept cash for smaller purchases.