Explore Iceland

Iceland is a small island in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean some ways between Greenland and the United Kingdom. It’s about a five hour flight from Boston and a three hour flight from London, so it’s convenient for Europeans and Americans. The latitude means midnight sun and dark winters.


Capital City

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When to Visit Iceland

During the summertime, Iceland tends to be around 10-15C (50-60F), but the weather can change in an instant. Summer also brings endless days under the midnight sun. Winter is cold, snowy, and windy, with many roads closed outside of Reykjavik. Though you can't really road-trip in winter, the long nights allow you to catch glimpses of the aurora borealis.

How to Get There

Icelandair and WOWair are the main airlines that connect through Iceland. Other airlines visit Iceland, but WOWair and Icelandair tend to have quite competitive prices. Round trip tickets from Europe come as low as $100. Round trip flights from the US are between $200 and $800. Airlines also offer free week-long stopovers in Iceland before going on to the US or Europe.

Why to Come

Iceland is far from a budget destination. Hotels, food, and basic necessities are extremely expensive, but it's possible to pay less than you have to. Though you may need a bigger budget, it's totally worth it to get to experience the unique culture and vast natural beauty that the island nation has to offer. Also, English is very popular, meaning you don't need to know Icelandic.

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