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I got the idea to start a blog back in 2016, when I was just a little 15 year old taking his first international trip. I realized that average people like me, especially Americans, seem to be held back from traveling by fears like lack of time, lack of money, or overall just not enough knowledge on the world. They spend their whole lives waiting to go somewhere without realizing how easy traveling is and how many opportunities they’re missing out on.

Since my first trip, I’ve been to a dozen countries and taken over 10,000 pictures in the process. I’m constantly updating my blog and Instagram with beautiful photos from my adventures. I also try to post one or two stories a week on here, helpful travel tips intertwined with personal commentary and maybe a noticeable amount of sarcasm and “personality.”

I try my best to post twice a week. In terms of post types, I’ll post a wide variety of different blogs. Everything from travel guides and reviews to questions and answers, and even personal experiences that I journal about. There’s something for everyone always.

I want my website to be, like the namesake suggests, a resource that encourages people to go out and travel instead of waiting around. So look around, read more about me, check out my previous adventures, and book a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. There’s no justification to waiting around anymore. 

Thanks for reading. Click around or scroll down for more stories and content. Welcome to Wander or Bust!


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