What Are Resources?

This page is basically for everything that I recommend, from services to products to routines. It’s everything that can help you travel better or just be a better you all the time. This page will definitely change as I discover new “resources” that I find helpful and that I use myself. The title of each resource links to my review for it and the button links to a purchase page, usually on Amazon.

Do you have a product–something you’ve created or seen–that you think I’d like? Get in touch with me on my CONTACT page.

Notice: Products on here are ones that I highly recommend, not simply ones that are paid. With each link on this page that leads to a purchase, I usually get a small amount of credit which gives me some freedom to keep traveling and writing on here.

Amazon Prime

I have never used most of the Amazon Prime benefits, like Music and Video, but the delivery service is the best in the business. Anything I want can be delivered from between 2 hours to 2 days without any additional cost. Get a tree 30-day trial below.

TRVL Hotel Booking

Traveling better and cheaper means using the best website out there to get the best deals. TRVL compiles the best deals from booking sites across the web. My page there has my favorite luxury and budget places and lets you search for new ones too!

This is perhaps the best travel adaptor ever. The PlugBug World has adaptors for all major countries and allows you to charge your Mac along with an iPhone or USB device at quick speeds. It’s also small, low-cost, and comes with a carrying pouch.

I’ve had my T6i for a few years now, and it’s been the best DSLR ever. It’s not too expensive, it comes with a decent lens, and it’s been able to endure a lot over the time. Now, Canon has a new T7i, which is linked to below, but I’m still great with my T6i too.

It’s very important what you put into your camera. I wouldn’t buy any third-party batteries other than these. The kit I bought for just $20 had two lasting batteries, a charger, an EU adaptor and a DC adaptor for road trips. Best purchase ever.